Saturday 21 January 2023



Everyone drives that way swimmingly

the more the noise sounds in the ear

we dance high with a sick driver

why is there a chair

on her neck and drinks

bending the whirlwind's will into a hole

the volt of fortune lies the hours in zero.


Live fully

Live in prayer

Live hugs love life

and a lot of mosquitoes about our sick driver.


The body lifts in every curve

and above the curve swells community

read on the number plate it says petrol

filled to the brim

rocket fire on flame fire

and our driver clears the church hill

every note is a suitcase throng

to our ears - a chorus

sick driver loves us.


In the back of the bus - sick driver loves us

on a flying carpet lies sick driver

we ride on cotton clouds with our sick driver

and at every turn summer becomes a sick driver

the community village swells

the community is

sick driver is just ears

delicious fruit in the stomach -

sick driver

sick driver

sick driver.


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