Friday, 24 April 2015


Wollen wa hin?
So that's what they call Zumba?
Is this an ACID party?
A bunch of hippies that high
Jag orkar inte fan händer!
Suomi bulomi parazzi culposwoni vunofaskiliski monivoinene luono arti pal pustalippe kupli pu vainomäinen lemminkäinen pu lobmi louhi veili pikalipski tulmanspemliiviki urigo uriorogili suombi suombi kuklappa souma lup lauhaveili kulpa tu pankalip:
Läuft bei euch Zombies
en las viejas fiestas de drum
bien androides
I want to go to one!
fucking white people
This makes me think of that weird ass modern dance concert we went to
Say no to drugs kids
El sábado nada?
Stop drugs
What is the name of this band? I think they’re great!!!
Stephen King Couldn't tell the difference between this and a Avenged Sevenfold show
Nobre pq será que lembro tanto de vc quando vejo esses vídeos com danças...kkk
Estaba pegados a las cornetas!
what was that name of the club where we went ? Which had similar ambience, if you know what i mean
oh it was curlies
I can site my "sister" here
Wells coming a rave ?

Que tipo de monstros são esses

This makes me want to take drugs haha! Awesome music. I also want to know who they are?
What song is this? I like the music, but there's not a drug in the world that I'd do to make me dance like they are to it lol! Anyone know who this group is?
Sint yogyni drogati,ce stiti voi!
Cardoso humanas! Achei minha turma Taís! Huahuahauh
Iturriaga Están bien toca discos
Looks like the dancing dead
pero qe carajos!
All these misfits on the same drug!! Laugh out loud!!!
are they on drugs?


Wright I think they took way to much acid! What a freakin trip!
Simply Exquisite
Turner is officially an idiot
why is it that hippie chicks always have no boobs
Zici că aia cu tricou portocaliu is io
Kleine Sind die auf pilze?
This is so you and time I could just picture you guySarita Baca Hernandez Jessica Hernandez. Come to my house is basically the same time


Kocsog narkosok

Bad music an drugs can make you do this too..

Thiry me at prom

Dylan Rendeiro dei maan angscht
Acid. This is acid.
Full of drugs all thugs
Oh my god mengt een zombien
caracaaa gostei dessa festa
estan mas volados k pilotos de avion jajajajaj
sei oq eles uzaram mais é do boldo
I want what they are on.
turn down for what
Mamma che schifo !
Daar hoor jij wel thuis ja! 
het deed mij juist denken aan jou dansmoves
Can somebody explain this...
the dude that posted this said " a lot of drugs + white people =this
asi bailas  jajajaj a:o
Bass Legend has it they're still dancing.
is this where you guys run off to!? I swear I seen you guys towards the back
מלכישוע שלום
yous heading?
what are they on? Wonder if they're feeling like the matrix... 🙊
let's dance like this at the concerts.
int begin doet me denken aan dat college van die dunne vanmiddag ik lig dubbel
April Prime Ape Dawn
ik mis de artyfarty bloemen jurk
die bloemetjes komen wel genoeg voor op dat tripveld
Que isso penis?
These people are all high and free
kajajajjajaja q carajo es eso
Ajalaa tu cuando gritabas "bola, bola bola"
Isso ai eh passinho do romano de gente bêbada ou drogada
This is freaky...
The walking dead in color
lass mal hingehen
Walking dead
Igor amiga olha isso da até medo
Thuany na rave I
segura essa brisa kk
This would so be you!
Q porra é essa Thalita Tufaile
Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special...
Roy Oh boy... On pourrait danser comme sa nous
how kiks injured himself
Supercalifraski Listicuespialidoso
I'm embarrassed to be white right now.
Dylan  your the dude with blue shirt and black pants oh lord
Shiver finally a place we'd fit in at
Exclusified hair this is me when I visit you.
Brooks don't be. I love it!
let's go to a party like this
des zombie sa mere
this is what I was on about yday
Acid. One word. Acid.
Slugga respect
Apablaza que baile sera
who does this remind u of the night at the piano burning
que trance...que viaje tan hp....
Rose khdlok ani nila oy
Qué huevada es eso?
kuyaw. Sabayan daw b. murag kblo rpd ko mo sayaw pina ingani
They deff in MOLLYWORLD
Kara mkhadlok kaayo sila gyud 
mira martin a quien te recuerda esos lugares, la musica la gente y bueno imaginemos que asi bailan 
Dancing with Molly.
This festival look so tight
Mànu mira que de hechizos están lanzando
What is the name of the band please anyone, I think there great!!
Cruz get your people bro
ca cest pour calles
I started crying man.. like what they on, that GOOD KUSH
Ouiiii elle resemble un hippie Mota asuahsuahs, que vibe
Estos se fumaron un moño rojo.
Willhite our next event
Hu refumados
Em busca da PAZ
As long as they're having fun!
Barrios yagua
They uniquely look like zombies.
Que horror
Muca que que eles usaram?
Come to my house is basically the same time to pretend they were trees blowing in the wind

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